Al Huriye Unt'a - Freedom for My Sisters

  • Ihda2 - Dedication (2007)


Tamer Nafar (Featuring Safa' Hathoot from Arapyat)

Discrimination, we all suffer from it
Americans discriminate against the Arabs
Zionists discriminate against the Arabs
You know what, Arabs, if we discriminate against each other
Then others will discriminate against us too.
These words go out to all our mothers and sisters
Who got lost in our customs, primitive and stupid customs
(It’s in our faces but we never chose to face up it)
This is for you, wherever you are
Prisoner, choked, cut off from your dreams and ambitions
Keep your head up sister, just keep your head up
(It’s in our faces but we never chose to face up it)

Silent cries from the one who dries our tears
She opened her eyes and saw the gates of the forbidden
We all see it, what is forbidden to me, is forbidden to her
What is allowed to me, is forbidden to her. Then what is
Allowed for her?! Well, the word ‘allowed’ does not appear in her dictionary
She puts us on our feet and we just step on her rights
Day-by-day, she continues living the same way
She is the first one to wake up and last one to sleep
This is for you, the woman, the mother of the house
This is from me, the man, the one who builds walls of limitation round you
To the historical stories that never change
Back in the old days, we would bury women alive
And now today, we bury their minds
Is she always the prey because she's weak?! HELL NO
She alone suffers for 9 months but we are the ones who burst out crying
But I guess that we read only what has been written
Adam's fingerprints were all over the crime scene
But our blaming fingers just pointed at EVE


It's in our faces but we never chose to face it (repeat)


I apologize to that girl that gave me nothing but respect
In front of my friends I said she gave it to me  (does it mean “sex” ??)
We talk like this ‘cause we want to feel manly
But we only talk like this ‘cause that’s what we not

I apologize to u. U were saving yourself for the right one.

I came and took that from u and then just left u

Now I am being called the "Don Juan" even though I was the thief

And u are being insulted even though u were the victim



Background singer: Tia Thompson Mixing and Sound engineering: Ran "Magic" Harush. Recorded at Yaga Yo studio




Safa Hathoot:

So the life of an Arab woman was written on a white paper and became

Blue, blue walking her way not aware to the world's east from west

Can't tell the difference from her and poor flying birds in the sky

Can't land to face her worries

Prisoner in a home, in it she found nothing

But the tears of wishes, oh world what have you done

You will be asking yourself where you came from

You came, but didn’t hide, asking me why I cried

In the names of soulless souls, screaming wounds

And the guilty for those wounds was acquitted and sailed on Noah's ark

No guilty but brave enough to ask me where I went

Where did you come from?

Been lost with a spot, of course I was the one to blame

At that spot he won and I lost

Never mind, from this day on pain will be spread everywhere

That’s it we will be standing on our feet not our hands

So your apology is not enough, and your pain won't disappear anything

Only your action will warm the cold, will heal

So sister be optimistic, let your brother wonder

And fight for your right and b a model for the coming age