Da Dam - It's DAM

  • Ihda2 - Dedication (2007)





We are, da dam da da da dam

We are, da dam da da da dam

We are, da dam da da da dam

We are, da dam da da da dam


Tamer Nafar :

(Who are you?) Tamer Nafar - hot tongue

Talk full of flames starting fire in the hearts of the free rebels

Give me a microphone and I'll give you a revolution, no way back

We stick to our dreams that know no bounds - the sky is the limit

Heads up, eyes seeing, hands trying to bury us, now we’re all biting those hands

As time passed we noticed the strength within us, now who’ll challenge us, ha?

You can drown in our lyrics, my grip turns pages blue

Pens sweating from the heat of my hand, ink flowing non-stop

See I protect the Alef Ba, and I'm erasing the ABCD from my culture

The pens speak Arabic, the pages hear Arabic,

The pen is my sledge hammer, the pages are my ground

I plant them in my head, ideas so hot they evaporate into the sky

They come down as rain, so future generations will harvest them all 





Mahmood Jreri:

Words coming outta me in your direction, can you hear it or should I be louder

Pushing hip hop to the next level, everyone who listens says it's different

I'm a professional, original and stable, shaking? The only thing shaking is your head

I'm a man with a strong tongue that can hit Van Damme

Salute to Mahmood Jreri from DAM with the other 2 guys

Together we have enough energy to create light for your eyes

Ears hearing every movement, hands writing every movement

Stable feet, running towards the goal

And the goal is to give meaning to everything that we write

When we make your heads shake on the outside, we also make them shake on the inside

Our music is the soundtrack of who we are


Suhell Nafar:

(Weird sounds)

I'm sure that you thought the CD got stuck

But no it’s just that a fat MC landed on it

S-U-H-E-L MC from DAM

It means immortal, BOOM now get up get up

Listen to us and don't miss any of what we're saying

Our album is the new Intifada the lyrics are the stones

DAM is the sea of hip hop and I'm an island of reggae

One day you'll anchor your ship in my solo album

And you'll continue listening to it till the CD really does get stuck

Last line, I'm Suhell Nafar



Insanity gives us suggestions of ideas and we write them logically

This album is our life as it is, with no lies

And if you ever feel lost, just follow the stars

Mentally lost? Then follow the stars of rap

DAM means immortal

DAM means immortal