G'areeb Fi Bladi - Stranger in My Own Country

  • Ihda2 - Dedication (2007)



Tawfeek Ziad

I call upon you all,
And beseech you,
I kiss the ground you walk on,
And say to you, "I sacrifice myself for you."
I offer you the whites of my eyes,
And the warmth of my heart I give to you,
Because the calamity which I live in is only
My share of your calamities.


Mahmud Jreri:

All the ships are sailing, leaving behind them sadness

That’s drowning our hearts, again we are unwanted guests in our home

But our destiny is to stay physically close to our lands

While being spiritually far away from our nation

Who cares about us? We are dying slowly

Controlled by a Zionist democratic government!

Ya’, democratic to the Jewish soul and Zionist to the Arabic soul

That is to say, what is forbidden to him is forbidden to me

And what is allowed to him is forbidden to me

And what’s allowed to me is unwanted by me

‘Cause its denying my existence

Still blind to my colours, my history and my people

Brain-washing my children so that they grow up in a reality

That doesn't represent them. The blue idea card worth nuthing to us

Let us believe we are apart of a nation

That does nothing but makes us feel like strangers

Me?? A stranger in my own country!!



Where can I go when my land is occupied??

The soul told me that only the love of my people can protect me

But where can I go when my people are abandoning me??

The soul told me no matter what, keep walking with your head held up high


Suhell Nafar:

We encounter faces that don’t want us, looking at us full of disgust

Whispers full of swearing, wishing just to expel us

What?! Have you forgotten who laid the foundation of these buildings?!

Our people did that, look at the mosques and the churchs

And now I find people from other parts of the world wishing to move us

Who can I complain to?! To unjustified laws that hush up our voices

It destroys our houses, unemployment is everywhere

Raised in a poverty that fills our every waking hour

But our hearts are still beating and our Arabian roots are still strong

But still our Arabian brothers are calling us renegades!!!!!!!??


We never sold our country, the occupation has written our destiny

Which is, that the whole world till today is treating us as Israelis

And Israel till tomorrow will treat us as Palestinians; I'm a stranger in my own country




Tamer Nafar:

13 shaheeds, the death is close

When the stones are in the hand, 13 shaheeds

The ALA (highness) of our land, and the EMAD (base) of it

Black October proved that the EYAD (support) is in our blood

Everyone of them was WALID (born) under occupation

But still RAMY (throwing) himself like a sharp sword

Fighting the sword of those who think our blood is worthless

Killing the MUSLEH’s (the Right One) voice with live ammo

And the mother tear sceams I am ASSIL (I'm falling down)

On Christ’s and MUHAMED's cheeks, we are like a mountain

That won’t be shaken by any wind or storm

We’ll stay RAMEZ (the symbol) of nationality

And the WISSAM (the symbol) of freedom

The light of our great grandparents will never fade away

I’m a stranger in my own country but I AHMAD (I thank) god

That I’m still sticking to my culture, all of you can call us

Renegades or the inner Arabs or the Arabs of 48

WHATEVER, we’ll keep the roots of Palestine till the OMAR (till the end of time) Nafar


Tawfik Ziad:

I did not betray my homeland,
And my shoulders did not falter,
I stood in the face of my oppressors,
Orphaned, naked and barefoot.
I carried my blood upon my palm,
And did not let my flags lower,
And sustained the green grass
On my ancestors' graves