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Found you through Juice Rap News. So much respect for all you are achieving DAM RAP MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE and it needs to be.
ps your version of 'not many' is massive improvement on original

Shannon Assid

Why not come to USA? Close to Oklahoma! Really like your music & love Tupac too! Keep it up!!

Abed haj yahya

شكرا كثير انكم اجيتوا عالطيبة انا بسمعلكم من وقت طويل وانا مشجع كبير كبيرلالكم وبالذات محمود جريري ❤️❤️ بموت في الدام

sewar edress

waiting you in taybe.. Im so excited
lovee u guyssss!!


can't believe I can meet you today in Tokyo!!!!
must be a GREAT show.
looking forward to listening to your voice of soul!


عشان الحلال و الحرام انا بال2007 شريت البوم اهداء و طلع السيدي فاضي
السيدي الليشريته اصلي و من واحد من المحلات اللي انتوا حكتولنا اشتروا بس منها
فبلا طولة سيرة , فتحت عالبال راب و نزّلت الالبوم و نسخته عالسيدي :)
مش عارف انا اللي المفروض ازعل منكم ولا انتوا اللي تزعلوا مني

Colleen Kelly

You guys are the best! #IStandWithPalestine #WeTeachLifeSir


I'm Japanese. Hope I can go to watch your show one day.
How you fight with music is worthy of respect.
I'm always trying to translate English lyrics to Japanese...I wish I could understand your beautiful language more.

Be safe, Peace.

afaf alimi

مرحبا انا من شمال بس ساكنه بنقب وكثير بتابعكو وبسمع كل الراب تاعكو وبجد روعه وبيحكي عن واقع والله كل يوم بسمعلكو وحفضت اغلبيت الراب تبعكو وكثيييير حابه انو احضرلكم حفله واتعرف عليكو اكثروالله يحميكم ويسعدكو والى الامال والافضل دايما يا ااا رب:-))))))))) واحلى دام فلسطيني والله .


waiting you in italy


Keep up the excellent work guys. i would love to see you guys work with rage against the machine that would be ultimate

Hugo UK

Great work, all power to you solidarity from the UK.


Its actually a nice and helpful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. fbadeabekafg


Always the best choice to listen to.... Powerful Meaning + Artistic !!
Keep going!



In love with your art! Palestine is proud of you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Ed Veit

أنا حقا أحب موسيقى يتحدث واقع نعيش فيه. سلام حبيب. Eu realmente gostei da música fala da realidade em que vivemos. Salam Habib.

qasim hyder

Mabrouk azizi mabrouk

Love your movement and your expression.your lines are very effected on the society and honestly i dont understand arabic but i hear your tracks daily,its like you talk to my heart.



Learned about your music from Eroc of Boston's Foundation Movement. He shared your documentary with me, as well, and I was blown away. Powerful! Hope to see you perform live... next time you are in Boston.


Wanna let you know that whenever u sing for women's rights ... We hear u and we appreciate you and we r proud of ur efforts !


) صارلنا قريب ال 10 اعوام (ايوه)"
ولسه شاغالين"

hahaha the best

15 years of awesomeness and more to come ...
Ur fans r growing up with u and will always be there for u all !!


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