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Elias Sabat

kol ma batla3 basma3 da damm da daam


Your work is excellent. Dedication really showed your mastery of rap as a music genre, but Dabke on the Moon takes is to a whole new level: in that album you make rap your own.
One of my favorite songs is I am Not a Traitor. It's passionate, it's clever, it has allusions to famous Palestinian poetry, it has excellent lyrics, and it has a level of anger that gives it a sense of urgency. But then a lot of your music is that way.
Keep making great stuff - I'd argue you guys are some of the best rappers in the world.


Iam trying to learn Arabic and this is my second year and 17 months so ihave been trying to make a huge effortby listening to you guys music over and over repeatedly non-stop and singing them while taking a shower he he. my favorite is Mama I Fell In Love In Jew. I learned Arabic through cartoon shows ,music and movies anyway I just want to say one day this is will be all over its just a matter of time. May Allah bless you and keep you all and give you wisdom doing what you do one love for Falesteen (Palestine) and ma' salaama


مرحبا انا عربي من مدينة شفاعمرو شمال فلسطين انا احب الموسيقى الي بتعملوها وبسمعكو من زمان الى الامام يا شباب انا الي فترة عم بدور على اغنية قديمة شوي اسمها السلام عليكم اذا مش غلطان وهي اغنية بالغة العبرية فا هل هناك امكانية من الحصول عليها

Trini G.

I am american and you all are just so talented and motivated about what you do. for me it would be an honor to meet you all. I had made request for maybe you guys can do tour and come to Texas . Just to see you all would be the greatest moment in my life. I love you all. Good luck with everything and i hope to meet you all in concert one day Inchallah.

Al Jezirah

We love your music! Don't stop! Mashallah :-)
Best greez from Kassel (Germany)!


PLEASE put Shamatan Fagatan on an album. It's so GOOOD!


Guys! you are awesome! your lyrics rock and you message is being heard! keep going! keep doing what you are doing. This is non-violent resistance. Try sing more in English - the universal language so that more and more people will hear you...then the message will get so loud it cannot be ignored! Ma sha Allah! we need more DAM's around. Peace :-)


I am learning Arabic and listening to your music inspires me to keep learning! I want to be able to fluently understand your music and your message. I read the translations of the songs I listen to, and they are amazing! I recently performed a dance to a song of yours, and I was in the group of students who Skyped with Tamer. It was an awesome experience, and inspiring for all of us.


BestEver! Never stop singing ... WE LOVE UUU <3

Ruth Skarlatos

I am 60 years and live in California. I admire your message so much. Thank you!

alistair australia

great work guys. You guys rock. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. You have support even here in australia.


American Fan here guys ..Great job and good luck . Keep your music flowing. love u guys.


well for me as a palestinian living in ramallah , i feel so much proud of your group as one of the best rap group in palestine, also being myself orginally from el lod i feel more proud of u guys
keep the good work

Saher Sm

من عكا وشمال فلسطين المحتله ومجد الكروم .. مني انا ساهر سم
انتو اباء الراب العربي احنا ابنائكوا
منكمل بالمسيره ورده


all the respect dam love u guys

hope u could come to syria we would enjoyed it


Faith M.

Hey guys :)
I live in the U.S. and in my high school Contemporary World Affairs class this week we watched a video made by Michael Franti and I saw you guys in it and were 'jammin' with him. I wanted to know more about you and what you stand for and then I found 'Born Here' on YouTube. I love the song. I know that song is a few years old, but still. It was amazing. Keep up the good work! Also, I love the sound of your guys's voices and different languages, it's incredible.

Carrie Ladd

Hey guys! I'm in a popular culture of Israel and Palestine class at UMass Amherst, and heard you for the first time. Since then I have been in love with your music. I actually decided to do my final project about your latest album: Dabke on the Moon. You are all amazing!


I wish you guys would come to toronto...your show would be sold out in a matter of dayssss
Best of luck and I hope one day I get to see a live performance :)

Mary Gustafson

Love you guys!


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