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Your music is consistently sharp, affective and effecting. I have turned so many people on to DAM. Absolutely love everything you do musically and for Palestine. Much love and respect from California.


I write from latin america and I want to say I admire your work in all aspects. The lyrics are great, profund, meaningful, strong, clear. Your music is beautiful, is art. Your videos, specially "If I could go back in time" is amazing, very well done. You guys excell in all ways. Keep the good work for your nation!

hala kanan

helloo dam
am a big fan and am waiting for u to come again to dubai
ur the best


Love the new album! Tamer, a certain somebody called you so we could meet in person, but we just didn't have time. I am glad, however, I got to spend that time spending time in Palestine and witnessing the injustices experienced at the hands of Israel. This information has given me the conviction to further my work in ending US military and moral support for criminal Israel. I was deeply touched and inspired by everyone I met in Palestine!

Hurriyeh lifilasteen!

Kenny from California

Anselmo Ahmad

Assalamu aleikum!!
DAM come on to Brazil, Please...
We need their music!


كنت اسمع الدام من موقع بال راب يعني قبل مش اقل من 7 او 8 سنين

mady loai dam

من قلب عمان الى قلب الوحوش الدام تحياتي لكم و جد ابطال هيب هوب جد


thank you for your beatiful and revolutionary art. your music makes me feel connected to all palestinian people who suffer from violent and cruel oppression. there are more and more people in europe who stop believing in pro-israel propaganda. I know where palestine is. I always knew, it was a state, because every human commmunity needs its own commons. I see the palestinian people, I feel your pain and your anger. I will spread your music in my environment, I will give you a voice. This is human, it is solidarity.
"The imperialist ideology of force must be shattered for all time" (White Rose Society, a student resistance organization in Nazi Germany).


من دون شك افضل فرقة راب عربي... بالتوفيق <3


i dont even speak arabic good enough to understand you completly, but i love your flow and your beats!
keep up and greetings from germany


DaaaM ...i just love u <3


yallla realse the new album !!! 5alas batal fe wa2et testano !!! o hon kaman bl dole e3malo 7sabna !! to much love and eshteyaq <3


كل الاحترام لدام وللاداء الرائع والجميل


مــــلان حـــب واحـــتــرام


Love the New site, Love the new Album! DAM I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES <3 Love everything new going on with you :) Good Luck people!


البلد بتنتعش لتسمعكم, فلسطين خضراء من صخب تعابيركم ومستقبلنا بلاكم داكن شاحب.
الي الامام يا نوارتنا


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